November Update

In order to alleviate overcrowding at peak times and to maintain best standards of instruction, we are instituting the following procedures and enhancements:

  • During the peak times (Monday-Thursday 4:30-6:30), all Curriculum Plus sessions will be limited to 1 hour.
  • All scheduling should be done using our online system at http://checkappointments.com/book/nhpmath for sessions scheduled after 11/1/13. Please see below for details on how to schedule online.
  • If you are blocked from making an appointment during a particular time slot, it means we have reached our capacity for that time slot and we have reached our maximum instructor-student ratio.  Please try another time slot.  If it is a tutoring emergency, please call (516 616-6284) or text (516 439-6953) to see if there is any additional room.
  • Please try to arrive on time for sessions.  Although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee that sessions for late arrivals will be extended beyond the scheduled ending time.
  • The best times to schedule your sessions are the first (3:30-4:30) and last (6:30-7:30)  hours.  The instructor-student ratio during these times has historically averaged 1:2; thus the student will receive more personalized attention and we can be more lenient with the amount of session time allowed.
  • For your convenience, we are opening Sundays starting November 11th, 2013 from 10AM-1PM.  Please see below for details.

Our popular "Friday Night Games" is back.

Friday Night Games - Friday November 22nd  - 6:30PM - 7:30PM

We have been entering most student's appointments into our online appointment system up until now.... As of November 1st, we will no longer be doing that.  Please make all of your appointments using our easy to use online scheduling program at http://nhpmath.checkappointments.com/.

Online Scheduling FAQ

How Do I Register?
In order to receive full access to all of your appointments and to be able to schedule single and recurring appointments as well as rescheduling, cancelling and commenting, you must register and request a password.  In order to receive a password, please follow this simple procedure:
  • Click on this link:  http://checkappointments.com/book/nhpmath
  • Click the register button.  Put in your email address.  Since you are already registered in our system, it will then send you a link to change or create your password.
  • Follow the link, enter a password and then you are ready to set up your child’s math sessions.
If you have trouble registering or requesting a password, please contact me ASAP and I will help you.

Which Service Should I Schedule For My Child?
  • Most of you should choose the "Curriculum Plus 1 hr Session" as your service.  Remember that if you have the 6 month Curriculum Plus membership, you should schedule 2 sessions weekly along with another 2 sessions at other times during the month.  If you can only attend once a week, please choose "Math Session 2 hours Once Weekly".  If you have the 6 month Curriculum Plus membership, you should schedule 1 session weekly along with another 2 hour session during the month.  The additional attendance times for the Curriculum Plus Program will be used to catch up on previously determined weaknesses and to help build the math foundation that students need.  For Curriculum Plus Sessions, a minimum of 6 hours’ notice is required to schedule a new session online.
  • If your child is registered for the Tutoring Plus Program, you will choose the "Tutoring Plus 1 1/2 hour Session" as your service.  If you chose the 5 session package, you may schedule five 1 1/2 hour sessions during the next 5 weeks.  If you chose the 10 session package, you may schedule ten 1 1/2 hour sessions during the next 10 weeks .You can schedule them all at one time or as the need arises.  For Tutoring Plus Sessions, a minimum of 18 hours’ notice is required to schedule a new session online.  This is to ensure that we are adequately staffed so that we can give your child the complete attention that they require and deserve.
  • If you purchased a block of Private Tutoring Sessions, you can schedule those sessions either through the online system or directly with the center.  If the time and date you need are available, please book online.  If not, please call us at 516 616-6284 or email at schedule@mathnhp.org
Can I Schedule Recurring Sessions?
Yes.  Once you begin the scheduling process, you will see an option to schedule either a single session or recurring sessions.  Please feel free to schedule your sessions up to 2 months in advance.

Can I Reschedule or Cancel My Child's Sessions Online?
Yes.  Once you sign in to your account, you will see a small calendar icon at the top left.  Once you click on this icon, you will be able to see all of your upcoming and previous sessions and can reschedule or cancel sessions from there.

What is the Advantage of Scheduling Online?
The online system is configured to ensure that there is a proper maximum ratio of instructors to students.  Once the maximum ratio is reached, registration for those hours will be closed out.  By registering early and online, you can ensure that your child gets the sessions hours that you wanted

Friday Night Games

Friday November 22nd

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Our popular "Friday Night Games" is back.

We will be playing Board Games such as:
Blokus, Connect 4, Sequence, Quirkle, Mancala, Shut The Box

And Card Games like:

This is a Free Event and you don't need to be enrolled to attend.  It is open to all!

It is for 1st grade through 8th Grade.  Snacks will be served and fun will be had by all.   Current students should bring your friends (you will get extra stamps!).

Space is limited!  Please register early!

Beginning, Sunday November 10th, we will be open from 10AM - 1PM on Sundays for Curriculum Plus 1 hour sessions only.  Sessions will be available on the hour at 10AM, 11AM, or 12PM.
One of the major advantages of scheduling your sessions on a Sunday is that we will be limiting the sessions to a maximum 3-1 student to instructor ratio.
Scheduling for Sundays will only be allowed through our online reservation system.  If you do not have access to online scheduling, please email me at schedule@mathnhp.org with your requested date and time and we will get back to you with a confirmation or other dates and times
Starting 10/28/13, please start scheduling your Sunday sessions at  http://nhpmath.checkappointments.com/.

Thank you to all of the students who joined us for the 3rd Annual National TriMathlon this past Saturday!   It was a huge success and we had over 25 students registered here locally for the event, while there were thousands of additional students across the country competing at their local Mathnasium center!  We hope you had as much fun as we did putting your math skills to work in a fun environment! 

A Special Congratulations to our Top 3 Local Winners in each grade:
2nd GRADE: 
1st place - Vikram Sohal (Stewart School)
2nd place - Thomas Chun (Our Lady of Victory)
3rd place - Alvin Paul (Hillside Grade School)
3rd GRADE:  
1st place - Sebastian Lennox (Lakeville Elementary)
2nd place - Cyril Mathew (Hillside Grade School)
4th GRADE: 
1st place - Natalie Prieto (Floral Park Bellerose)
2nd place  - Noah Yoon (PS 107 Queens)
3rd place - Max O'Connor (Hillside Grade School)
5th GRADE: 
1st place - Ray Noh (PS 26 Rufus King Elementary School)
2nd place - Sarah Moughal (Glen Head)
3rd place - Simian Sohal (Stewart School)

50 FOR 100

We renewing our popular program "50 for 100" -  Every child who received a 100 on any of their math tests can bring them into the center.  We will post it on our Brag Board" and also give them a raffle ticket where 1 lucky winner will receive $50.    The children should also bring in their 90s as they are also put on the Brag Board and they are entered into a raffle for a $10 gift card.
The raffle will be held on Friday November 22nd (Game Night)

Please make sure to visit our blog at mathnhp.org/blog.html and our website at www.mathnasium.com/newhydepark for updated information program, schedule and fee information

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about any of our programs.

Thank you for your continued patronage

Peter Abrams, Center Director

Mathnasium of New Hyde Park
1003 Jericho Turnpike
New Hyde Park NY 11040
(516) 616-MATH (6284)